22 Companies That Should Really Consider Getting New Names

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Choosing a name for your new business can be a bit of a daunting task. The pressure of picking the right name can mean the difference between attracting a loyal clientele or becoming the laughing stock of your town. When brainstorming business names, your company may want to get creative and rely on puns or […]


Poor Grandma! She Was Just Trying To Put Her Grandson To Bed When She Took A Tumble

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I make no secret of my clumsiness. I fall all the time! It’s just how some of us are wired. When Nikki Sharp Bishop’s mom tried to put Bishop’s son to bed, she really took the cake for the most hilarious and embarrassing fall ever. Bishop wrote on Facebook, “My mom is going to kill […]


19 Reasons Why Being A QuinceaƱera Is Just The Worst

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You might look like a princess, but you definitely won’t feel like one. While you’re reading, LISTEN TO THIS: Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=G7VsvruKXdo. youtube.com So, why is being a Quinceañera the worst? Well… 1. Because being lifted in the air is not always the best idea. View this image › youtube.com 2. Especially when there […]


21 Festive Pinterest Fails That’ll Make Your Christmas Decor Look Epic

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… …but not for these people. No, their attempts at festive holiday Pinterest crafts failed so horribly, their decorations seem more appropriate for Halloween. At least the cookies and treats would still be edible? 1. Sooo, it ended up being a Halloween candle? Bored Panda / Gina Hutchings […]