21 Festive Pinterest Fails That’ll Make Your Christmas Decor Look Epic

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… …but not for these people. No, their attempts at festive holiday Pinterest crafts failed so horribly, their decorations seem more appropriate for Halloween. At least the cookies and treats would still be edible? 1. Sooo, it ended up being a Halloween candle? Bored Panda / Gina Hutchings […]


They Were Loading A Truck Onto A Barge When This Disastrous Moment Happened

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You know those days where you think everything is going well, but then chaos erupts? The driver of this semitruck can definitely tell you a thing or two about that. While attempting to back his truck onto a barge in Russia, he believed that things were going pretty smoothly — that is, until he hit […]


When Recreating Cute Baby Photography Goes Very, Very Wrong… LOL, #4 Is Hysterical.

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Photography is much harder than most laymen think… especially when it involves children. You can’t force babies or little kids to do what you want. (It’s hard enough getting adults to do the right thing during photo shoots.) So when these parents tried to re-create adorable Pinterest photos with their poor, defenseless children? Well, things […]


17 Cake Decorators Who Absolutely Need To Find New Jobs

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If you’ve ever dealt with a horrific cake situation, you know that sinking feeling all too well. It’s the one that comes along with giving out what you feel to be perfectly logical instructions that cake decorators promptly decide to ignore. Sure, we all make mistakes, but it’s always a little worse when your workplace […]