#FastFoodThursday: Join the ‘delicious backlash’ against Big Labor [photos]

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http://twitter.com/#!/tonykatz/status/408626289218551808 http://twitter.com/#!/HatingBreitbart/status/408610305153830912 Big Labor’s “living wage” thugs are out and about today to foment discontent among American fast food workers. But thanks to Americans who see the truth about this union shakedown, citizens are hitting their favorite fast food joints and standing with workers against exploitation by Big Labor. http://twitter.com/#!/231sas/status/408653973378199552 Oops! Looks like #EatFast and […]


Arrested protesting wages; doesn’t pay her entry level employees

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http://twitter.com/#!/crazy4glass/status/507622159540170753 Representative Gwen Moore from Wisconsin’s fourth district got arrested today while participating in civil disobedience over the wages paid to fast food workers. http://twitter.com/#!/greenhousenyt/status/507609515001257984 The protesters were demanding a wage of $15 per hour for what most probably consider to be an entry level job. However, Moore doesn’t even pay her own entry level employees at […]