This Kid’s Dad Makes Him Feel Like Spider-Man By Doing This Around Their House

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Most kids look to their dads as superheroes. I know I was certainly one of them. But when it comes to this father and his little son, it might be the other way around. When the toddler dressed up like Spider-Man, the transformation to real-life superhero just wasn’t complete without one simple thing. googletag.cmd.push(function() { […]


This Father Just DESTROYED Society’s Definition Of Beauty. This Is Perfect.

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Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a licensed clinical psychologist and happy father of three, keeps a fantastic blog, full of wonderful opinions and personal advice. He has made a habit out of writing letters to his young daughter, to help teach her about the world. But not only his daughter could benefit from reading his wise words. […]


Man Who Let His Child Die In A Hot Car Is Sentenced To Life In Prison

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On June 18, 2014, Justin Ross Harris left his 22-month-old son in his car for seven hours when he went to work in Marietta, Georgia. By the time Harris got back into his vehicle at around 4 p.m., Cooper was dead. However, he didn’t notice his son’s body until after he drove to a local […]


Father in Normandy, Mo. says Ferguson PD shot his son

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As Twitchy reported earlier, the Normandy Police Department released a statement Wednesday giving the details of an incident in which an 18-year-old fired at police officers before running off and attempting to take his own life. Residents and those following the story on social media immediately suspected a conspiracy, and several amateur videos of witnesses […]


This Little Girl’s Daddy Is Dying. She Might Die, Too. The Letter He Left For Her Is Unforgettable.

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Tom Attwater is dying of a brain tumor, but he isn’t worried about his cancer. Instead, he is trying to save his 5 year-old daughter from her own. He has vowed to raise approximately $820,200.00 for her cancer treatment, even if he wouldn’t be around to see her go through it. Kelli is only 5 […]