Legal expert George Takei weighs in on ‘illegitimate justice’ Neil Gorsuch

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This is some seriously next-level Constitutional scholarship… — Alex F. Baldwin (@VerumVulnero1) April 6, 2017 Where oh where would we be without George Takei to break down current events? This afternoon, he’s taking on Judge Neil Gorsuch’s impending SCOTUS confirmation with his usual political savoir-faire: Gorsuch will be an illegitimate justice named by an […]


WHOOPS! George Takei tries to warn Trump, locks Hillary up instead

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As we’re well aware, actor George Takei would just love to see the election declared null and void. In his multi-year mission to seek out new ways to overturn the election, Takei spotted something that might do the trick: Just seeing this from @mitchellreportsWH officials, fmr. transition staffers are reportedly purging phones b/c they expect […]


Christmas, Takei-style! Best lights, wrapping paper oops ever? [pics]

, ,!/GeorgeTakei/status/409145126049832960 Giggling madly! Best idea or worst idea? Actor George Takei has decided that the wrapping paper in the hilarious meme pic was perhaps the best wrapping paper idea. Takei wasn’t done with the Christmas-themed funnies:!/The_RickGrimes/status/409363364494598144!/JustinAion/status/409362987263070209 Heh. And one for the nerds among us:!/GeorgeTakei/status/409708670176739328 The “do not touch” makes it all the […]