Leave Andrew alone! Protest outside the Kaczynski home is something everyone should resist

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As Twitchy reported, the #CNNBlackmail hashtag began to trend nationally after it looked likeCNNs Andrew Kaczynski had tracked down the creator of that Trump vs. CNN clip and promised him conditional anonymity CNN reserved the right to go public with his name “should he repeat this ugly social behavior.” CNN source on the "reserve the […]


The Daily Beast posts looping GIF of fatal Chicago shooting

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Jason Van Dyke, a Chicago police officer, was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday over the shooting death of black teenLaquan McDonald. That news was enough to inflame the community, but it was quickly followed by dash cam video of the incident, showing Van Dyke shooting McDonald, who was carrying a knife, 16 times. Demand for […]


SHAMEFUL: What this Dem senator said about Hillary Clinton, Benghazi is unbelievable. And vile [GIF]

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It truly is horrible. Take a look at what Democrat Senator Cory Booker tweeted about Hillary Clinton and Benghazi: Wow. Just … wow. Shallow is actually a kind way of putting it. Does Sen. Booker realize how grossly insensitive and disgustingly flippant he is being? Four Americans lost their LIVES. But, hey. For Dems, life […]