What He Found In this Abandoned Nursing Home Is Amazing. I’d Never Expect It There.

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Redditor sneakylawyer was urban exploring with his girlfriend in the small city of Ronse in Belgium when they stumbled upon this abandoned nursing home. What they discovered inside is truly amazing… It was the fantastic graffiti work of local artist Pete One, a huge Batman fan, who had been using the abandoned building as a canvas for some […]


Graffiti shows how to bypass Turkey’s Twitter block

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http://twitter.com/#!/brigode/status/447106855681011712 As Twitchy reported, Twitter has been blocked in most of Turkey just a few days before a crucial election. Current Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan has said he will “eliminate” Twitter and other social media sites to protect Turkish citizens and preserve their privacy. The Turkish have found workarounds, though, such as simply changing their DNS […]