They Gave Grandma An Awesome Surprise…It Just Took Her A Minute To Notice

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When it comes to big announcements these days, they get more elaborate by the second. Whether people are announcing engagements, kids, or jobs, social media makes people want to go above and beyond the call of shocking duty. Take what these people did, for example. They wanted to surprise Grandma with a huge announcement, but […]


Poor Grandma! She Was Just Trying To Put Her Grandson To Bed When She Took A Tumble

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I make no secret of my clumsiness. I fall all the time! It’s just how some of us are wired. When Nikki Sharp Bishop’s mom tried to put Bishop’s son to bed, she really took the cake for the most hilarious and embarrassing fall ever. Bishop wrote on Facebook, “My mom is going to kill […]


This Grandma Learned to Never Put Her Hand On A Shark Tank… Because DUH.

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Sharks have always been one of my biggest fears. Needless to say, the video below has turned me into a pathetic and shivering mound of sweat. I keep checking to make sure a shark isn’t going to eat me. Sure, I’m on land… but that’s not the point, OK? Watch as this granny learns why you should […]


Hillary’s youth outreach strategy ‘doesn’t get any more granny than this’ [photo]

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How cool is Hillary? This cool: Wow. Seriously. We’re not sure where she got the idea that cross-stitch patterns are her ticket to victory, but if you think about it, it kinda makes sense. Because old: Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also point out just how problematic Hillary’s tweet is: Read more: […]


This Is What Happens When You Play Hip-Hop Music Over A Party Video From The 60s.

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When Taylor stumbled upon old footage of his grandparents partying in the 60s, he decided there was only one thing he had to do: add Hip-Hop music over it. The outcome is pretty darn hilarious. It helps that the video is full of awkward ass grabbing, the funky chicken dance, a bottle getting passed around, a […]