17 Pets Who Truly Know How To Embrace Their ‘Irish’ Roots On St. Patrick’s Day

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You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. Just don something green, grab a beer, and join in on the festivities. If you’re thinking of going all-out this year, take a bit of inspiration from these adorable pets…they really know how to have fun come March 17. Then again, a few of […]


Nothing Has Made Me Smile As Much As This 65 Year Old With Down Syndrome. He’s AWESOME.

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Redditor twilling8 shared these pictures of his great-uncle Phil, who has Down Syndrome. He says his great-uncle loves Christmas just as much now at the age of 65 as he did when he was just a toddler. Sadly Phil has advanced Alzheimer’s now and his health is in steep decline, but that doesn’t stop him from wearing […]