This Is What Measles Actually Looks Like

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Dozens have been infected in a recent measles outbreak that started at Disneyland. Here’s what you need to know about this disease. In December, measles broke out at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The virus infected 42 people at the park, five of whom were Disney employees. So far this year, measles has infected 68 people […]


Here Is Everything That You Need To Know About The Zika Virus

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The World Health Organization just declared a global emergency as the Zika virus continues to spread rapidly across Latin America. The public may be aware of diseases like Ebola, but Zika seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Should we be afraid of it? Well, here is everything that you need to know about Zika. […]


There Is One Thing You Should Be Eating Every Day, And It’s Not What You’d Expect

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Bananas are delicious, healthy snacks. It’s really a shame that we don’t eat more of them. Sadly, these awesome yellow fruits are still more closely associated with chimps than they are with humans. Well, here are a few reasons why we should take notes from our monkey friends. Bananas are packed with loads of benefits, […]


You’ll Never Eat McDonald’s Again After You Read These Horrifying Facts.

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Feeling hungry? You may want to read the rest of this article before you head to your favorite fast food restaurant and order your usual chemical and prescription drug-ridden meal. Most people are aware that fast food is unhealthy and fattening, but did you know it could hurt your body in other ways as well? You might be […]


There’s So Much Human Poop On Mount Everest It’s Becoming A Health Hazard

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Human waste left by the over 700 people who climb Mount Everest annually is starting to cause pollution and sanitation issues, officials said. View this image › Adrian Ballinger / AP Human waste left by climbers on Mount Everest has become a major environmental and health issue, the chief of Nepal’s mountaineering association Ang Tshering […]


This Is The Weird Reason Why Saving Your Kids’ Baby Teeth Could Be Useful One Day

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Stem cells from umbilical cords have proven to be very beneficial when it comes to treating a variety of diseases, but how about those taken from teeth? While we’re nowhere close to being able to use them in any therapies, some believe that saving your children’s baby teeth could help them in the future when […]


She Finally Conceived…Which Would’ve Been Great If She Wasn’t Already Pregnant

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Imagine having a condition so rare that your own doctor had to Google it. That’s what happened to Kate Hill when she got pregnant not once but twice in the span of 10 days. Kate and her husband, Peter, had been trying to conceive for some time when she began hormone therapy. Then something crazy […]