Bobby Jindal blasts Obama admin’s coziness with ‘fact-free Hollywood’

, , ,!/redsteeze/status/511915102925492225 But he’s not messing around: Obama Admin liberals have made a religion out of opposing good energy policies – it’s their faith – & they’ve held our economy hostage. 1/6 — Gov. Bobby Jindal (@BobbyJindal) September 16, 2014 The Obama Admin doesn’t look at facts/policy – they allow our energy policy 2 be driven […]


The Classic Story Of One Family And Their Beloved Lion.

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Following a trip to Africa, actress Tippi Hedren (known for her starring role in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds), her husband Noel Marshall, and her actress daughter Melanie Griffith wanted to make a movie about lions. To make a convincing movie about the majestic creatures, they needed to learn about them. The best way to learn about them, […]


15 Reasons Ava DuVernay Is Your New Fashion Icon

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When she’s not behind the camera, Ava DuVernay steals the show. Here are 15 of the Selma director’s most stunning red-carpet looks. 1. There are endless reasons to admire writer-director Ava DuVernay: She became the first black woman to win Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012, and has been crafting powerful, diverse […]


Reese Witherspoon Has Always Been Wild

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Hollywood just refused to see it. View this image › Photos Courtesy of MGM / Paramount / Fox Searchlight / Everett; Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed Think of Reese Witherspoon without makeup. She’s been walking for days — traversing hundreds of miles. Without water, she might die. Her face is dirty and tanned, her lips are […]