Ouch! Larry Elder knows how we will all pay for O-care; It ain’t pretty [pic]

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http://twitter.com/#!/PhxKen/status/422846499303604225 Oh dear. The always awesome Larry Elder made that painful point Wednesday morning as well. http://twitter.com/#!/larryelder/status/423462271105236992 Ouch! They didn’t even buy us all a nice dinner first. Cads! Plus, just shaddup and like it: http://twitter.com/#!/KarlKroshinsky/status/423282853082705920 As to the costs, this Twitter user sums it all up: http://twitter.com/#!/JLS31/status/423453076272328706 Precisely. Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/01/15/orifice-ouch-larry-elder-knows-how-we-will-all-pay-for-obamacare-and-it-aint-pretty-pic/