These Random 22 Facts About The Human Body Will Astonish You. I Had No Idea.

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The human body is an amazing thing. Unfortunately, it’s something we take for granted almost every day. We are able to do so many incredible things that we don’t even realize. The next time you feel like cursing your body for not holding up during your work out or for tripping on the sidewalk, remember […]


If I Gave You 20 Guesses You Still Wouldn’t Know What This Is… But When You See It, WHOA.

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If I asked you to describe a desert, perhaps the blowing sands of the Sahara, you’d picture a desolate place dry and filled with countless dunes. Perhaps you’d think that nothing could be alive there. Now if I asked you to describe the human body, especially the skin, dry, dusty and barren are the last […]


10 Amazing Photos Of The Human Body Under A Microscope

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Some of these photos are artistic, others are terrifying. Colin Salter’s new book, Science is Beautiful (Batsford, 2015), shows us some amazing images of the human body under a microscope. When the photos are colorized they look like masterpieces of art. Check them out below: 1. This is what bone marrow making blood looks like. […]