These Tattoos Aren’t Just Beautiful — They’re Helping Self-Harm Survivors Heal

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Studies show that one in six women and one in seven men will have self-harmed at some point in their lives. The phenomenon, which is replete with chilling statistics, is most prevalent in developed nations in North America and Western Europe, and 90 percent of those who self-harm begin in their teens. Often associated with […]


What This Artist Can Do With One Sheet Of Paper Is Out Of This World

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We’ve all tried to make those cute little origami swans at some point, but if you’re anything like me, most of those attempts ended in miserable failure. It’s pretty rare to find someone who sees origami as more than a casual hobby, especially if you’re not hanging out in Japan. But if you wander over […]


What This Artist Created With Sugar And Rock Candy Should Be In A Museum

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If you’ve ever spent an afternoon watching those baking competitions on TV, you’ve probably experienced the mind-boggling thing that happens when extremely talented people pick up piping bags and sheets of fondant. In a matter of hours, these skilled bakers somehow manage to create delicious, flawlessly executed cakes that double as incredible works of art. […]