This Adorable Boxer Seems Like Your Average Pup, But He’s Actually An Inspiration

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Duncan Lou Who, a precious boxer who’s full of life, was born with his hind legs fused together in an X-shape. Despite his potentially crippling condition, this energetic pup wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of his own happiness. While most people would quickly pass on the opportunity to adopt a pup […]


Tired Of How He Looked And Felt, He Changed Everything The Results Are Amazing

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Like many teenagers, Austin Shifflett was on the receiving end of bullying in high school. He was self-conscious about his weight, and the fact that his fellow classmates taunted him for it only made him fall deeper into depression. But when he went on medication, it only made things worse — a side effect of […]


She Does Stunts On ‘Supergirl,’ But This Proves That She Has Real-Life Powers

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As someone who gets winded walking up the stairs, I deeply admire athletes. And as someone with a serious binge-watching problem, I admire athletes who also happen to perform stunts on hit TV shows even more. You might not know Jessie Graff’s name, but if you’ve watched “Supergirl” on CBS, you’ve definitely seen her work. […]