Everyone’s Talking About What This Shy Photographer Did. When You See This, You’ll Understand Why.

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A couple of years ago, Kyle Thompson became interested in photography. Unfortunately, his anxiety prevented him from talking to people, so he opted to experiment with self-portraits. He would spend hours, even days, walking alone through forests and exploring abandoned houses. He’s been to over 50 of them. After taking hundreds of photos, he posted […]


These Tattoos Aren’t Just Beautiful — They’re Helping Self-Harm Survivors Heal

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Studies show that one in six women and one in seven men will have self-harmed at some point in their lives. The phenomenon, which is replete with chilling statistics, is most prevalent in developed nations in North America and Western Europe, and 90 percent of those who self-harm begin in their teens. Often associated with […]


This Man Was In Desperate Need Of A Kidney, But Never Let That Slow Him Down.

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A few years ago, Kevin Campbell was diagnosed with a kidney disease which left him with only 4% use of the vital organs. The slow, progressive disease required him to have extensive, and painful, dialysis sessions. But what he really needed was a kidney. Despite being placed on a long waiting list, the Canada-native summoned […]


Brothers Who Spent Years In Foster Care Were Adopted By Two Neighboring Families

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Julie Washington and her husband have huge hearts, and they knew they wanted to expand their family. After having two biological daughters, the Washington family decided that they wanted to adopt. But they didn’t just choose to adopt one child. Instead, they added three brothers to the mix. They never could have known what would […]