This Father And Daughter Tradition Will Have You Shaking In Your Boots.

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If you think your father-daughter traditions are pretty rad, wait until you see what these two do. Father, Aaron Marable and his daughter Edith take part in a tradition every October called “October Fright.” Aaron, an artist, poses his daughter in a bunch of frightening pictures and posts them to his Instagram for us to enjoy. And […]


You Can Turn Your Instagram Photos Into T-Shirts By Using This App.

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If you’re familiar with the mobile app Instagram, you know that many people dedicate a lot of time to their mobile photography. The precious moments people take a long time to perfectly capture in Instagram deserve more than just a few “likes.” That is where the creator of SnapShirt, Michael Krilivsky comes in. With this app, you can […]


This Beauty Mask Looks Disgusting, But It Actually Works!

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I’ve always hated how dull and acne-ridden my face is. The worst part is that nothing on the market ever seems to help. And trust me, I’ve tried just about everything you can find with less-than-satisfying results. I’d pretty much given up hope of ever having clear, glowing skin — at least until I saw […]


This Dad Shows Exactly What It’s Like To Live With Five Women — And It’s Hilarious

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I’m still undecided about becoming a parent, but one thing’s for sure — people with multiple children definitely have my respect. My mom is a single parent to four kids, and I honestly have no idea how she managed to raise us without going completely nuts. In addition to dealing with the terrors that we […]


Nope, These Aren’t Photographs. I Don’t Even Know What’s Real Anymore.

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CJ Hendry is not a photographer, despite what you might think when you first see her work. She creates larger than life reproductions of real objects… all by hand. The black and white images are formed with scribbles from several felt-tip pens that, once finished, perfectly capture every detail of the item. Wow. Your brain is probably […]


17 Celebrities We Wish Were On Social Media


Because we’re obsessed. Celebs are just like us and they value their privacy just like us, but there are a few that we just can’t get enough of who we’d kill to see on social media. 1. Alexander Skarsgard View this image › Teach / Teach/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES True Blood is no more, but our thirst […]


This Dog Knows How To Disguise Himself As A Stuffed Animal — And It’s Great

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As a kid, I had tons of favorite stuffed animals. There was Mr. Panda, Mrs. Elephant, Ms. Fox…the list goes on. Sure, I had dogs, but they would never be as fluffy or smooshy as my plush pillow toys. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); That is until I came across Instagram sensation Ernie Pooh. Not only […]