Vox throws ‘hanging curveball’ about IRS funding; Iowahawk goes yard

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http://twitter.com/#!/GWMorris/status/479366185147191296 The IRS has admitted to targeting conservative organizations, and more recently claimed to have “lost” over two years worth of Lois Lerner’s email. For the Voxsplainers at Vox.com, that kind of evidence of possible corruption is proof that the IRS … needs more funding: http://twitter.com/#!/voxdotcom/status/479295067639668736 Seriously? http://twitter.com/#!/JohnEkdahl/status/479317049605242880 It is beyond parody, and yet Iowahawk […]


Daily Kos’ Shaun King: Nobody ever called Jeffrey Dahmer a ‘thug’

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http://twitter.com/#!/Presh_Frince/status/525371436115189762 Is it unfair or biased in some way that some people have referred to Michael Brown as a “thug” and somebody like Jeffrey Dahmer was never referred to in the same way? Arrested OVER & OVER again, Jeffrey Dahmer, killed, raped, & ate 17 men. NEVER was he called a thug. pic.twitter.com/mQSnO4IWr9 — Shaun […]