He Wasn’t Getting Any Job Interviews, But Then He Removed One Letter From His Name

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Sitting down at his computer and poring over Craigslist job ads, José sent out between 50 and 100 resumes a day. However, not once in three months did he receive a response. Confused and frustrated, he decided to run a little experiment to see if his name was the issue. Removing the “s” and going […]


Meet The Unsung Heroes Of The Chernobyl Disaster You Never Learned About In Class

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Most of us have learned about the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in some capacity. Whether it was during an eighth-grade lecture or while browsing online, you’ve most likely seen images from the aftermath of this horrific nuclear meltdown and heard chilling accounts of what life was like that day for those living near the Chernobyl Nuclear […]