Matt Yglesias flogged with his own seven month old buffoonery

, , , ,!/mattyglesias/status/404454885359636481 HAHAHAHAHAHA.!/JimCoopr/status/490973001152602114!/SKHigginbotham/status/491011423007285248!/knownasbgates/status/491017906462162944 Heh *** Related Twitchy coverage of Matt Yglesias Read more:


‘Best negotiator ever’! Report: Obama also nixed planned Iran sanctions to secure hostage release

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The details about the deal Obama and his administration made with Iran to secure the release of Americans held captive continue to trickle out: Here’s one more item to add to that list of what Iran’s reportedly getting for freeing four American citizens: It sounds like the message sent to Iran is that they should […]


‘Ocean have a ‘reset’ button?’ Snarkers hijack John Kerry’s moronic hashtag

, , , ,!/jess_reign_bass/status/478910232475619328 John Kerry wants to have a conversation about the ocean — with some help from pseudo-scientist Bill Nye, of course. And since there’s nothing else really going on in the world, the two climateers co-hosted a Twitter Q&A session all about the shining Big-Sea-Water:!/JohnKerry/status/478878198243946496 Hey, here’s a question for the guys: Did either […]


Mother Jones reporter: Kerry’s expression means ‘something awesome is about to happen’ at COP21 [photo]

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It looks like some sort of deal is close to being finalized at COP21 in Paris, and John Kerry looks as if he might be warming up to spend the next few months patting himself on the back: Take that, ISIS! We’re pretty sure somebody might be celebrating soon. Read more:


John Kerry signs Benjamin Netanyahu’s guest book, uses wrong date

, , ,!/StateDept/status/419561370124697601 We’ve already heard the jokes about writing the wrong year on checks, but Secretary of State John Kerry managed to sign the wrong date in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s guest book Saturday. Sure, it’s an honest mistake, but we’re still wondering how President Obama managed to sign 2008 during his 2011 visit to Westminster […]


‘Not The Onion’: Politico’s report on the word that ‘almost sank’ the Paris climate talks is ‘beyond parody’

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Nope, unfortunately the Politico “report” isconsideredreal journalismthese days. It certainly is. These paragraphs say it all: Obama administration lawyers discovered early in the day that the latest draft text had a potentially deal-killing tweak: Deep into the document, in Article 4, was a line declaring that wealthier countries “shall” set economy-wide targets for cutting their […]