Beatles tribute sparks reminders of John Mayer’s ‘bizarro’ singing face [pics]

, ,!/CaptYonah/status/432689461085102080 Oh my. John Mayer was one of the performers on CBS’ celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles‘ appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”!/Wildaboutmusic/status/428698077013094400!/clynnjenkins/status/432690032621522944 So there’s that! Viewers had noticed the hilarious stoned faces of Johnny Depp and Sean Penn. But John Mayer’s face didn’t escape mockery either:!/Gina_Bean/status/432735446515216384!/nme_421/status/432713712055504896 Of […]


This Company Made John Mayer His Own Cookie Dough Almond Butter Thanks To A Tweet

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If only all dreams came true this easily. 1. Late night, Dec. 19, 2014. Dreams begin. Cookie dough flavored almond butter let’s do it @Justins — JohnMayer (@John Mayer) 2. Justin’s, the almond butter company, did not take the singer’s remark lightly. View this image › 3. And two months later… 4. Mayer wrote […]