Are You More Like Taylor Swift Or Katy Perry?

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It’s time you learn the truth. Blue Red iStock Cake iStock Pie Getty Beyoncé Getty Rihanna iStock Summer iStock Fall Instagram Twitter Getty Kanye West Getty Drake Paramount Mean Girls Universal Bridesmaids iStock Chocolate iStock Cheese iStock Dinner Party iStock The Club Are You More Like Taylor Swift Or Katy Perry? You got: Taylor Swift […]


‘Bald headed scalawag a** b*tch’: Liberal loons turn on Hillary super-fan Katy Perry over ‘black hair’ joke


@katyperry just focked op… — SKW (@somekindawonder) April 30, 2017 We all remember Katy Perry and her pro-Hillary activism, right? She was all-in for the Democratic nominee, but that’s not good enough for liberals, of course. You see, Katy Perry has a new blonde short hairstyle that hasn’t gone over well with her fans and […]


Fireworks And Brimstone: The Personal God Of Katy Perry

The pop star’s Pentecostalism asserts that God plays an intimate role in every decision she makes, no matter how large or small. View this image › Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed What Katy Perry prays for, Katy Perry gets. She was just 11 when she asked God for “boobs so big that I can’t see my […]


Obama superfan Katy Perry offers to write Hillary Clinton ‘theme song’

, , , , ,!/katyperry/status/480105360452104193 Katy Perry, the singer who campaigned for President Obama in 2012 dressed as a filled-in ballot for the Obama/Biden ticket, isn’t wasting any time picking a favorite in the 2016 campaign. Appearing with a copy of “Hard Choices,” Perry told Hillary Clinton that she’d write her a “theme song” if she needed one.!/prismaticwitch/status/480105435358175232 Good question. […]