Some Child Psychologists Say You Should Stop Telling Your Kids “No”…Is This Going Too Far?

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Kids hear the word “no” a million times a day. Children are still learning how to interact with the world, and as such, there are some things that they can’t or shouldn’t do. Naturally, we tell them “no,” but now, some child psychologists and behaviorists warn that kids who hear the word too often can […]


24 Heartbreaking Photos Of What Child Labor In The U.S Once Looked Like

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Did you know that children as young as 14 can apply for their working permits in the U.S.? Any child worker under the recommended age is considered illegal and goes against the U.S.’s strict child labor laws. Despite these regulations, it might surprise you to learn that over 200 million children around the world, under […]


These 15 Brutally Honest Notes From Kids Are Hilarious.. And Threatening. Watch Your Back Around #5!

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“Kids say the darndest things” is a saying for a reason. Although they may look adorable with their tiny shoes and pig tails, every child is just a tiny adult that will remember if you’ve wronged them. They can get embarrassed, get surprised… or even get even. The funny part is, though, they are just […]


This Is The Weird Reason Why Saving Your Kids’ Baby Teeth Could Be Useful One Day

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Stem cells from umbilical cords have proven to be very beneficial when it comes to treating a variety of diseases, but how about those taken from teeth? While we’re nowhere close to being able to use them in any therapies, some believe that saving your children’s baby teeth could help them in the future when […]


14 Valentines To Give Your Boo From The Land Of Ooo

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When Recreating Cute Baby Photography Goes Very, Very Wrong… LOL, #4 Is Hysterical.

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Photography is much harder than most laymen think… especially when it involves children. You can’t force babies or little kids to do what you want. (It’s hard enough getting adults to do the right thing during photo shoots.) So when these parents tried to re-create adorable Pinterest photos with their poor, defenseless children? Well, things […]


These 25 Kids Know The Secret To True Love. Follow Their Lead!

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Are you a true romantic at heart? Do you think you were born with a special gene to love others? Well, if you’re like these 25 kids, you’re totally right. From dancing their way into our hearts, to writing the cutest love letters of all time, they prove that they know the secret to true […]


17 Motivational Posters Every Sarcastic Parent Needs

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“Everything will be okay… when your kids are down for the night.” 1. View this image › 2. View this image › Paul Grecaud / Via Getty Images 3. View this image › 4. View this image › 5. View this image › 6. View this image › 7. View […]