‘I dare you to answer’: Obama economic adviser gets questions he asked for

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http://twitter.com/#!/DCDude1776/status/518044234163978240 The September jobs report showed a drop in the unemployment rate, but also another decline in the labor force participation rate: Better-than-expected #jobs report will rekindle debate over timing of #Fed's interest rate hikes: http://t.co/fBncyoSp49 via @DunstanPrial — FOX Business (@FoxBusiness) October 3, 2014 US labor force participation at a 37-year low. 62.7%, last […]


Markos Moulitsas: Economic report proves Obamacare not killing jobs

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. @markos how many gave up looking for jobs? Asking for a friend… — Cui Bono? (@daniel_thecuban) July 3, 2014 According to Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas, the June jobs report is a big “in your face” to those who predicted Obamacare would kill jobs: https://twitter.com/markos/status/484734517194682368 Convinced that Obamacare doesn’t put a crimp on job […]