‘Behead them in their own homes’: Akron man arrested for inciting violence

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A fatal plane crash that killed nine vaulted Akron, Ohio into the national news this week, but there’s another important story coming out of the Rubber City that deserves attention as well. A 25-year-old Akron man was arrested today on suspicion of posting threats to members of the military along with detailed personal information identifying […]


How This Military Dog Was Suffering Is So Heartbreaking. But What His Partner Did Is Amazing.

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People aren’t the only ones who begin to suffer as a result of war. This is Vidar, a 4 year-old Belgian Malinois dog that worked in the military as a bomb-hunting dog. After two tours of duty, something happened to Vidar. He began experiencing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. Vidar grew very timid and […]


See This Aircraft? It’s Called A C-5 Galaxy And What’s Inside It Will Blow Your Mind.

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Do you know what a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is? If not, there is just one thing you need to know about this aircraft: it’s huge. It’s so big and bad, it’s almost hard to wrap your mind around it. The C-5 Galaxy is a large military transport aircraft built by Lockheed. The United States Air Force uses the Galaxy to carry large […]


She Grew Up In Bad Foster Homes And Wanted To Prevent Her Brothers From That Fate

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Melissa Irons had a rough childhood. Because her mom was in and out of prison, she was raised by multiple foster families. So when she became an adult, she joined the marines to find some structure and discipline — something she’d seriously lacked growing up. In an effort to save her brothers from a similar […]