Debbie Wasserman Schultz pesters moms to pester their kids about Obamacare

, , , ,!/michellemalkin/status/413421142980820992 Gird your coins, because Debbie Wasserman Schultz is asking moms to talk their children into buying Obamacare policies:!/DWStweets/status/413413494210326529 And by “kids” remember that she’s referring to people past their mid-twenties. These tweeters are skeptical to say the least, and questioning what kind of parenting lesson they’d be giving their kids by pushing Obamacare: […]


17 Things Pregnant Women Do That Blow You Away

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Pregnant applause. 1. They watch their baby’s feet poke out of their belly and don’t need lifelong therapy afterward. View this image › It’s like the scene from Alien IRL. 2. They practically become doctors. View this image › Getty Images/Creatas RF Creatas Images Listening to them talk to their OB is like watching […]