These Guys Thought They’d Attracted Some Fish, But They Got A Huge Surprise Instead

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A few fishermen were trying to catch snapper about 10 miles off the southern coast of New South Wales, Australia, when they spotted something moving toward them. At first, they thought they finally had some fish on their lines, but they quickly realized that that these visitors wanted nothing to do with their bait! Dolphins […]


22 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit New Jersey

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Never come here. 1. If you think you should go to New Jersey, don’t. It’s an awful place. View this image › Flickr: nicholas_t / Creative Commons Walpack Valley, Sussex County 2. Literally, it is the grossest place you will ever visit. View this image › Anthony Fine / Creative Commons Great Falls, Paterson 3. […]


The Green Tree Frog Might Look Small, But It’s Decidedly Badass

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The Australian green tree frog is one of the most common frog species in their homeland. For humans, they make great pets and can be an ideal form of pest control if they live near your home. But while they might look harmless, that changes if you’re…say, an innocent snake or giant spider just trying […]


This Undersea Lake In The Gulf Of Mexico Literally Kills Everything It Touches

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When you hear the phrase “Jacuzzi of Despair,” what do you think of? No, it’s not an obscure 1980s horror movie (though that would be amazing). It’s actually the nickname that researchers in the Gulf of Mexico have given to a hot, toxic undersea pool at the bottom of the Gulf. This “jacuzzi” literally kills […]


These Gorgeous Caves In New Zealand Are Illuminated By Glow Worms.

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The island country of New Zealand is known for its amazing natural scenery, but people usually focus on what’s above ground. While the mountains, beaches and wildlife are breathtaking, there’s even more stunning sights to be found below the surface.  In the township of Waitomo, on the north island, there is a place that is absolutely […]


25 Reasons You Should Never Visit The South

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Just stay away. 1. Many people believe the South is some kind of beautiful place. View this image › Digidreamgrafix / Getty Images Lake Jocassee, South Carolina 2. Their beliefs are 100% false! View this image › Flickr: quiksilver1850 / Creative Commons Tallulah, Georgia 3. The South is the opposite of pretty. View this image […]


They Never Expected To Find This When They Cleaned Out Their Roomba

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Snakes, while logically not all that terrible, do have a bit of a reputation for getting into places where they don’t belong. Slipping effortlessly into the tight spaces that we can’t easily reach, these slithery critters are excellent when it comes to evading us. Don’t believe me? Check out where this snake decided to hide. […]