#BringBackOurBoats; How will White House respond to Iran?

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As Twitchy reported, Iran has alleged that two U.S. Navy vessels wandered into Iranian waters this afternoon, and 10 sailors have been arrested by theIslamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. But why?After all we did to help secure the Iran nuclear deal without even mentioning those hostages they’re holding The White House’s Ben Rhodes says that the […]


First tweet from new Sec. of the Army quotes Taylor Swift


We get that this first — and only — tweet from new Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning is in regard to Saturday’s Army-Navy football game, but sheesh. Taylor Swift lyrics? The account isn’t verified by Twitter, but reporters are saying it’s real: Delete your account and get back to work please. Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/12/08/first-tweet-from-new-secretary-of-the-army-quotes-taylorswift13/