Staples Threatens To Fire Staff For Working More Than 25 Hours A Week

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In 2015, an Affordable Care Act provision requiring large employers to offer health insurance to staff working more than 30 hours a week kicked into effect. Now, some part-time staff at Staples say management has become extra vigilant about limiting their hours. View this image › Notice in a Staples store / Via Photo submitted […]


Embarrassing White House ‘health care bracketology’ GIFs slam dunked

, , , , , ,!/JeromeEHudson/status/445615545141166080 The White House, hoping that Obamacare can ride on the coattails of the NCAA basketball tournament, is featuring the GIF-heavy “16 sweetest reasons to #GetCoveredNow”:!/WhiteHouse/status/445598183901503488 Among the 16 “competitors” in the Obamacare “tournament” is this:!/charliespiering/status/445611169668009984 Yes, this is actually on the White House website as a reason to #GetCoveredNow: Who hasn’t that […]


Pelosi declares ACA a success ‘and a unicorn just flew by my window’

,!/NancyPelosi/status/474655222930104320 Pelosi is either colossally ignorant or deliberately misleading people. We could mandate a national 5 mile per hour speed limit and declare success when the accident rates dropped but that wouldn’t mean the policy was working. Beware the person who measures success with one variable. And beware the people who are convinced by it. […]


Mary Katharine Ham schools Obamacare cheerleaders who can’t handle the truth

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Indeed. Unsubsidized, full-boat premium, high-as-to-be-worthless deductible indiv Ocare is effing AWESOME. Also: coerced. — Cuffy (@CuffyMeh) May 24, 2017 As Twitchy told you, the CBO’s new report on the AHCA has liberals flipping their lids. Mary Katharine Ham has plenty of experience when it comes to losing health insurance coverage. Thanks to Obamacare, she […]


Can’t win: Backlash against Trump’s Charlie Gard tweet suggests he’s better off bashing CNN

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Earlier Monday, Twitchy noted some of the praise President Trump was receiving in response to his tweet offering help to Charlie Gard, theterminally ill British infant courts have ruled is to be taken off life support. Trump vows to help Charlie Gard, the British infant courts say should be allowed to die — Washington […]


Unreal! Was this Vox’s worst screw-up yet? (Spoiler: It’s egregious) [photo]

, , , , ,!/RBPundit/status/514947349102493696 Truth. To Vox’s credit, there is this: @eriContrarian @GPollowitz It's hard to be wrong that often, even on purpose. Looking at you, @voxdotcom. — Carl Gustav (@CaptYonah) September 25, 2014 Kudos! Heck of a job, guys! What a day for Team Vox. RT @GPollowitz: Another bang-up job @voxdotcom" — eric (@eriContrarian) September 25, […]