Even If Art Isn’t Your Thing, You Have To See What He Just Did At The Louvre

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We all have that one friend who groans at the thought of doing anything that could be considered a cultural experience. In fact, you might even be that friend. For these people, waiting in long lines at art museums to watch people stare (for way, way too long) at splattered canvases and paintings of naked […]


Is the press turning on President ‘Petulant’?


A quick glance at some of the comments from the press on President Obama’s press conference in Turkey yesterday suggest that the Washington Post calling him “petulant” was not an isolated criticism. The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson says Obama sounded “defensive”: NBC reports that French media sees a disconnect between Obama referring to Paris as […]


Scott Baio comes to the defense of Rob Lowe over France-border tweet

Earlier tonight we posted about all the hate directed at Rob Lowe over this tweet on the attacks in Paris and President Hollande’s announcement that he had ordered France’s borders closed: And here’s Scott Baio defending Lowe, with a suggestion that we do the same here in America: Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/11/14/scott-baio-comes-to-the-defense-of-rob-lowe-over-france-border-tweet/


Brace for facepalm! DeRay McKesson wonders if France terror raids could be ‘witch hunts’

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Authorities in France continue to root out other potential terror threats following Friday night’s attacks in Paris: Black Lives Matter protester DeRay McKesson brings his police skepticism to the situation in Paris following the terrorist attacks: Maybe he should just stick to community agitating domestically. Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/11/18/brace-for-facepalm-deray-mckesson-wonders-if-france-terror-raids-could-be-witch-hunts/


13 Terrorism Attacks That Were Successfully Stopped Before Tragedy Occurred

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Following the attacks in Beirut, Baghdad, and Paris, our newsfeeds were flooded with death tolls and prayers for survivors. We should all take the time to mourn those we’ve lost. But we can’t let our grief get the best of us. We must also remember how many lives are saved because of the quick thinking […]


‘Not The Onion’: Politico’s report on the word that ‘almost sank’ the Paris climate talks is ‘beyond parody’

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Nope, unfortunately the Politico “report” isconsideredreal journalismthese days. It certainly is. These paragraphs say it all: Obama administration lawyers discovered early in the day that the latest draft text had a potentially deal-killing tweak: Deep into the document, in Article 4, was a line declaring that wealthier countries “shall” set economy-wide targets for cutting their […]