He Was Walking His Dog In The Woods When He Came Across This Plane Crash

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If you’ve walked a dog before, you know it’s not uncommon for pooches to find little “treasures” along the way. Whether it’s a fresh poop or a Diet Coke can begging to be peed on, they’re always on the lookout for something exciting. But when Redditor mmmmpork was out with his pups, the three of […]


Avoid These 25 Dangerous Airports At All Costs. Your Life Depends On It.

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I love flying. Seeing the world from the clouds and traveling to foreign places is always a magical experience. But like any good meal, there’s always a bill to pay at the end. And for flying, it sometimes comes with a treacherous landing. While it’s only just a bit jarring when flying into a “normal” […]