Politico’s new labor reporter has rich Twitter history of bashing … Politico

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http://twitter.com/#!/resnikoff/status/515565235600887808 Many in the news business are congratulating labor reporter Mike Elk for joining the staff of Politico. Excellent news that @politico is hiring @MikeElk to cover labor! — Doug Henwood (@DougHenwood) September 26, 2014 Congrats to @MikeElk on the Politico move. If you want reporting on labor and unions, he's the guy to hire. […]


PLEASE let this happen! Politico has an idea for Chelsea Clinton, and it is SURE to backfire

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Politico is arguing that Chelsea Clinton should take the reigns of the family business and run for Sen. Tom Cotton’s Senate seat in Arkansas. Clinton should run for Tom Cotton's Senate seat, argues @billscher https://t.co/C9Yv9UrFxh — Blake Hounshell (@blakehounshell) December 3, 2017 There is no way Chelsea Clinton running for a deep-red Senate seat would […]


Flint aid bill held up by ‘heartless monster’ Ted Cruz

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Anyone listening to the pundits has heard that one of Ted Cruz’s greatest liabilities as a presidential candidate is that no one likes him, not even his fellow senators, with whom he refuses to compromise. That reputation was reinforced this week as headlines declared, “Cruz holding up Flint aid deal in Senate.” Although some senators […]


‘Not The Onion’: Politico’s report on the word that ‘almost sank’ the Paris climate talks is ‘beyond parody’

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Nope, unfortunately the Politico “report” isconsideredreal journalismthese days. It certainly is. These paragraphs say it all: Obama administration lawyers discovered early in the day that the latest draft text had a potentially deal-killing tweak: Deep into the document, in Article 4, was a line declaring that wealthier countries “shall” set economy-wide targets for cutting their […]