NY Daily News decides to ‘sack’ the Redskins, unveils kinder, gentler logo

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http://twitter.com/#!/NYDailyNews/status/507263721887248384 The New York Daily News is putting its foot down … about the Washington Redskins: http://twitter.com/#!/GregJKrieg/status/507308275160076288 Going forward, the Daily News will refer to the Redskins as just “Washington.” Oh, and that mean, nasty logo is out, too: http://twitter.com/#!/dcsportsbog/status/507307600221057024 Allow them to explain: Why drop the term now? Why not yesterday or last year? The answer […]


Nothing better to do? Calif. Senate votes to push for Redskins name change


http://twitter.com/#!/lifebythecreek/status/504722102545833984 They’re very busy out there in California: http://twitter.com/#!/mcgreevy99/status/504720914588516352 Good to know they’ve still got their priorities straight! http://twitter.com/#!/brandonbuss/status/504722206559965184 *** Related: Twitchy coverage of the Washington Redskins Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/08/27/nothing-better-to-do-calif-senate-votes-to-push-for-redskins-name-change/


NFL fire-palooza: Browns, Lions, Bucs, Redskins, Vikings coaches out; Fans weigh in

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http://twitter.com/#!/sethmeyers/status/417669810730717185 It’s “Black Monday” in the NFL, and so far five coaches have been fired (six if you count Houston Texans’ coach Gary Kubiak, who was let go earlier this month). http://twitter.com/#!/1804R515/status/417721164807827457 Polish those resumes! There are currently 6 #NFL Head Coach jobs available. Vikings Texans Lions Buccaneers Browns Redskins #BlackMonday— Kenny Holmes (@KHOLMESlive) December […]


‘They let that air?’ Fans react to ‘South Park’ ad making fun of Redskins

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http://twitter.com/#!/SGStanfield/status/513774202789593088 A commercial for an episode of “South Park” making fun of the Washington Redskins and its owner, Dan Snyder, ran during the Redskins/Eagles broadcast Sunday. So is this week's South Park about the Redskins name or was that just a custom tease video for the NFL??? @SouthPark — Mark Brown (@FantasyGodSport) September 21, 2014 […]