This Is What It’s Like To Date In Seven Different Countries

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Eight women, from seven different countries, talk about love and relationships. View this image › Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Gather a group of young and single foreigners who recently moved to New York City and at one moment or another, you’ll hear them talk about how weird the dating scene in the city is. Moving […]


If You Get A Call Like This From The Person You’re Dating, Run Away. VERY FAST.

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Finding balance in relationships can be tricky. Compromise is the best answer, but if you find yourself on the other end of a phone call like this one, the best thing is to GET OUT. This film student created a video that puts it into perspective. There’s a fine line between caring and controlling. Just […]


11 Things To Do Before You Start Dating Online


Your mom will be happy we told you. Because do you really know what kind of person your OKCupid match is? View this image › We didn’t think so. Here’s how to take your online dating safety skills up a notch. 1. Ask a basic question more than once. View this image › […]