Desperate, Injured Puppy Seeking Shelter In An Ancient Temple Finally Gets Help

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Dehydrated and in critical condition, one stray puppy decided to seek shelter from the elements in the depths on an ancient Indian temple. In desperate need of help, the dog’s prayers were answered when a visitor to the temple called Animal Aid Unlimited for help. When they arrived, they found the motionless, unresponsive puppy in […]


Some Kid Heard Barking On Their Way Home From School. They NEVER Expected To Find This.

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While walking home from school in Lisbon, England, a group of students heard barking. They looked around, expecting to find a dog… but couldn’t find a single creature. They were walking past a closed school playground, so they decided to investigate. When they did, they saw a dog’s head peeking out of the ground. He was […]


This Dog Is Being Heralded As A Hero After Calling 9-1-1 And Saving Her Owner’s Life

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Dogs find new ways to surprise us just about every day. If they’re not cleaning up around the house, maybe they’re just derping it up for a bit of love and attention. In the case of Yolanda the golden retriever, she surprised everyone by saving her owner’s life. Yolanda is a service dog that has […]


When You See This Bear Cub And Fawn’s First Meeting, You’ll Start Squealing

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); For me, the best part of having different pets is watching all of their cute interactions. I completely melt when my cat walks up to my dog and begins rubbing her face against his. Of course, he’s usually a little afraid because, well, cats can be scary sometimes. But it just […]


A Fawn Was Drowning In A Raging Flood. What This Young Boy Did About It Is Beyond Awesome.

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The rivers were swollen with flood water near Noakhali, Bangladesh due to torrential rain. A young boy named Belal was walking past one of these treacherous, flooded waterways when he noticed a tiny fawn swept up in the currents. Without hesitation, he jumped in after the innocent baby. Belal quickly swam out to the little […]