‘Call the language police!’ ICE press release uses horrible slur

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http://twitter.com/#!/MarkSKrikorian/status/493919784359043073 Geraldo calls the term “illegal alien” a cheap shot. Sally Kohn says it is a slur. So does this guy. The term is verboten at many newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, which prefers to say “immigrants who either entered the country illegally or overstayed their visas.” ICE, by contrast, refers to illegal aliens as, well, “illegal aliens.” http://twitter.com/#!/MarkSKrikorian/status/493919950671986688 A sampling: Appalling! […]


Sally Kohn hasn’t retracted her Michael Brown lie; Update: She doubles down

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http://twitter.com/#!/IAMMGraham/status/501388966948786177 After Twitchy pointed out this morning that Sally Kohn was completely, ridiculously wrong about the Michael Brown shooting, she could have admitted her error. She could have posted a retraction. She could have tweeted an apology to her readers. Guess what? She didn’t do any of those things. Instead, about an hour and a half after our […]


Sally Kohn’s attempt to paint GOP as Obama hypocrites is a ‘#LogicFail’


http://twitter.com/#!/StarDogCh4mpion/status/492344759092924416 Republicans who say President Obama wields too much power at home shouldn’t be complaining that he’s not doing the same on the world stage. Make sense? It does to Sally Kohn: http://twitter.com/#!/sallykohn/status/492343839005634562 Those who would like Obama to take a greater leadership role in world affairs are hypocrites if they oppose him overstepping his […]


Sally Kohn downgrades ‘sure fact’ about Michael Brown shooting

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http://twitter.com/#!/johnnyfriegas/status/525284806213373952 Earlier today Twitchy reported that Sally Kohn hadn’t yet retracted the “sure fact” that Michael Brown was “fleeing with his hands up” when he was shot by officer Darren Wilson. Here are Kohn’s responses in light of a leaked autopsy report that found Brown was not shot in the back: [email protected] Do you still […]