If I Gave You 20 Guesses You Still Wouldn’t Know What This Is… But When You See It, WHOA.

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If I asked you to describe a desert, perhaps the blowing sands of the Sahara, you’d picture a desolate place dry and filled with countless dunes. Perhaps you’d think that nothing could be alive there. Now if I asked you to describe the human body, especially the skin, dry, dusty and barren are the last […]


Base Jumping Is Scary Enough, But What These People Did Is Complete Madness

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10 Amazing Photos Of The Human Body Under A Microscope

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Some of these photos are artistic, others are terrifying. Colin Salter’s new book, Science is Beautiful (Batsford, 2015), shows us some amazing images of the human body under a microscope. When the photos are colorized they look like masterpieces of art. Check them out below: 1. This is what bone marrow making blood looks like. […]