If Someone Had Reached Out When They Saw These Posts, This Family Might’ve Lived

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“Was your loved one showing any signs that they might take their own life?” This heartbreaking question is usually the first one asked by police and investigators following a suicide. While families are forced to relive the last few weeks of their loved one’s life through memories, trying to focus on any erratic behavior or […]


These Products Show Why Google Will One Day Become Our Supreme Overlords.

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Here’s one word that most people know, all over the world: Google. Google is probably one of the most powerful companies that currently exists. Luckily, they seem to use most of their data-collecting powers for good (unlike Time Warner or Comcast). Google is so powerful, though, it makes you wonder… What if there was an […]


Jerkwad Ronan Farrow piles on apologetic DiGiorno with his own tasteless joke

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http://twitter.com/#!/Willowy04/status/509425906713374720 As Twitchy reported, DiGiorno Pizza caused a social media uproar last night after sending this inappropriate tweet in response to a domestic violence awareness hashtag: http://twitter.com/#!/Posietron/status/509177819801587712 It took him a while, but MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow finally caught up on the story: http://twitter.com/#!/Foxxi_Love/status/509427625950183426 And promptly made himself look like a colossal jackass: http://twitter.com/#!/RonanFarrow/status/509425280176648194 So, basically, Farrow […]


Something On Social Media Is Freaking People Out, But It’s Totally Made Up

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If you’ve ever delved into the wide world of social media, you know that it’s a terrifying place. Whether Twitter forces you to bear witness to the latest right-wing rant about reproductive rights or Facebook confronts you with the fact that your grandma cannot and should not use emojis in any situation ever, it all […]