Dog Abandoned In Rising Flood Water Gets Rescued By Kind Strangers Passing By

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Last month we brought you the story of Alex Scroggins and how he came to adopt a dog named Lucky. Alex and his friends were evacuating during the recent South Carolina floods when they found Lucky abandoned and stranded in rising flood waters. Had it not been for Scroggins’ kindness, I’d hate to think what […]


25 Reasons You Should Never Visit The South

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Just stay away. 1. Many people believe the South is some kind of beautiful place. View this image › Digidreamgrafix / Getty Images Lake Jocassee, South Carolina 2. Their beliefs are 100% false! View this image › Flickr: quiksilver1850 / Creative Commons Tallulah, Georgia 3. The South is the opposite of pretty. View this image […]


Federal search for ‘Guantanamo North’ site moves to Colorado

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As the first step in normalizing relations between the United States and Cuba, flag-raising ceremonies weresupposed to fill Cubans and Americans alike withthe warm fuzzies. (Cuban dissidents arrested and jailed in the weeks beforethe ceremony were unavailable for comment.) In his comments on the historic event, President Obama neglected to mention a Reuters report revealing […]


Alligators Have Learned To Ring Doorbells — Perhaps We Should Be Concerned

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There is perhaps no creature that’s more universally feared than the alligator, and that’s especially true in the South, where these reptiles reign supreme. These scary buggers love going where they don’t belong just to prove that they can. And that urge often brings them into close contact with humans. Earlier this week, a family […]


Active shooter reported at Columbiana Centre in Columbia, SC

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Reports of an active shooter at the Columbiana Centre shopping mall in Columbia, S.C., are beginning to come in from various sources. The good news: there are no reports of injuries. The bad news? The alleged shooter is at large. Editor’s note: Twitchy will update this developing post as details emerge. Read more: