NY Daily News decides to ‘sack’ the Redskins, unveils kinder, gentler logo

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http://twitter.com/#!/NYDailyNews/status/507263721887248384 The New York Daily News is putting its foot down … about the Washington Redskins: http://twitter.com/#!/GregJKrieg/status/507308275160076288 Going forward, the Daily News will refer to the Redskins as just “Washington.” Oh, and that mean, nasty logo is out, too: http://twitter.com/#!/dcsportsbog/status/507307600221057024 Allow them to explain: Why drop the term now? Why not yesterday or last year? The answer […]


‘They let that air?’ Fans react to ‘South Park’ ad making fun of Redskins

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http://twitter.com/#!/SGStanfield/status/513774202789593088 A commercial for an episode of “South Park” making fun of the Washington Redskins and its owner, Dan Snyder, ran during the Redskins/Eagles broadcast Sunday. So is this week's South Park about the Redskins name or was that just a custom tease video for the NFL??? @SouthPark — Mark Brown (@FantasyGodSport) September 21, 2014 […]