‘Vacation or ‘punishment’?’ ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith suspended for a week

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http://twitter.com/#!/realtimwilliams/status/494219313289887744 Looks like Stephen A. Smith will have to find another outlet where he can muse about the role domestic violence victims play in their abuse. At least for a little while: http://twitter.com/#!/TheRyanParker/status/494221146707861505 Viewers can’t help but wonder: http://twitter.com/#!/jpayant70/status/494219385566167040 http://twitter.com/#!/Jake_Ruhestand/status/494218868517134336 http://twitter.com/#!/Jeff_Nahill/status/494219123468296192 Some are suggesting that Smith got off pretty easy: http://twitter.com/#!/_Cod/status/494219353769127936 http://twitter.com/#!/GPZY/status/494223004717436928 Looks that way. We’ll find […]


‘Buckle up’: Stephen A. Smith will be on Hannity talking Ray Rice

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http://twitter.com/#!/CaptTouchback/status/509106959644385280 You may remember when Twitchy reported the backlash Beadle received after calling out Stephen A. Smith for his earlier remarks about Rice, for which he was suspended. ‘The gates on Mouthbreatherville have been breached’: Michelle Beadle slammed following Stephen A. Smith’s suspension. Now Smith is going to be on TV talking about the Ray Rice […]