This Kid’s Dad Makes Him Feel Like Spider-Man By Doing This Around Their House

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Most kids look to their dads as superheroes. I know I was certainly one of them. But when it comes to this father and his little son, it might be the other way around. When the toddler dressed up like Spider-Man, the transformation to real-life superhero just wasn’t complete without one simple thing. googletag.cmd.push(function() { […]


She Does Stunts On ‘Supergirl,’ But This Proves That She Has Real-Life Powers

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As someone who gets winded walking up the stairs, I deeply admire athletes. And as someone with a serious binge-watching problem, I admire athletes who also happen to perform stunts on hit TV shows even more. You might not know Jessie Graff’s name, but if you’ve watched “Supergirl” on CBS, you’ve definitely seen her work. […]