Are You More Like Taylor Swift Or Katy Perry?

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It’s time you learn the truth. Blue Red iStock Cake iStock Pie Getty Beyoncé Getty Rihanna iStock Summer iStock Fall Instagram Twitter Getty Kanye West Getty Drake Paramount Mean Girls Universal Bridesmaids iStock Chocolate iStock Cheese iStock Dinner Party iStock The Club Are You More Like Taylor Swift Or Katy Perry? You got: Taylor Swift […]


NBA Players Select Their Own Celebrity Basketball Team

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Sprite Slam Dunk participants Zach LaVine and Mason Plumlee select their starting five in this year’s celebrity draft. 1. With the first pick in the 2015 Celebrity Draft, Mason Plumlee selects: Ryan Gosling. View this image › Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed “I don’t know if you saw him in Drive, but he is a killer.” […]


Taylor Swift headbangs at #Grammys; Viewers reminded of movie scene [Vine]

, , ,!/cheezdogger/status/427624564802088960 Taylor Swift really, really got into her performance tonight at the #Grammys.!/sarahkatie23/status/427630579136221184 Swift headbanged at the piano in video we’ll probably be seeing sampled for a long time to come:!/michaelhayes/status/427625578364403712!/bsinkyBen/status/427626916615450624 Viewers were reminded of a famous movie scene:!/twostepcub/status/427625245365657600!/dustymarie85/status/427624543255928832!/joelygabs/status/427624116716179457 *** Related Twitchy #Grammys coverage: ‘Tweet of the night’: Arbys […]


There’s “No Truth” To Those Reports That Taylor Swift’s Mother Won’t Let Her Play Brazil


In a statement to BuzzFeed News, a representative for Swift denied a viral story that the singer avoids “third-world countries” on the advice of her mother. Taylor Swift isn’t boycotting Brazil. A spokesperson for the international pop star told BuzzFeed News Tuesday that “there is absolutely no truth” to reports that Swift has declined invitations […]