New pic of ‘bad boy’ Cruz could make your ‘lib friends’ heads explode’ [Photoshop]

,!/Of_Angelis/status/444881751962583040 We can’t help but agree with that assessment. As Twitchy reported, a ‘bad boy’ version of Ted Cruz has been popping up on posters around Beverly Hills in advance of a speaking engagement tonight. And this morning, Sen. Cruz weighed in with a hilarious response to the depiction. Now comes this, courtesy of the […]


‘This is horrifying’: Pollster Frank Luntz releases favorability ratings

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Correction: The title of this post has been changed to reflect that the polling data cited comes from a YouGov poll and not Frank Luntz’ organization. Text within the post stating that the data was from a Frank Luntz poll has also been corrected to cite the correct source of the information. The original title […]


Cruz: Obama forcing nuns ‘to violate their beliefs at altar of Obamacare’

, , , , ,!/annie_amountain/status/509477987243532288 Sen. Ted Cruz today accused President Obama of continuing his war on the Catholic Church by “trying to force nuns to violate their beliefs at altar of Obamacare.”!/SenTedCruz/status/509477592856924160 The nuns in question are the Little Sisters of the Poor, who received an injunction from the Supreme Court in January relieving them from signing government […]


Ted Cruz invites pro-life New Yorkers to ‘march on down to Texas’

, , ,!/BrotherNewman1/status/426122178581364736 New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo may not have room in his state for “extremist conservatives” who believe in the right to life, but Sen. Ted Cruz would be more than happy to welcome them to his neck of the woods:!/tedcruz/status/426118998816985088 Aw, yeah! Is there room for pro-lifers from other states, too?!/flattaxpatriot/status/426119746400952320 *** […]


‘Keep up the good fight’: Supporters wish Sen. Ted Cruz a happy birthday

, , ,!/StockmanSenate/status/414837536263921664 Today is Sen. Ted Cruz’s birthday.!/EWErickson/status/414775706246475777!/RTimRitchey/status/414846664235442176!/andrea_a1movers/status/414879409292996609!/Gitarfanman/status/414778724421099520!/neuro7plastic/status/414863497302786049 Cruz is 43 now years young. Read more:


Larry Wilmore compares Ted Cruz to the KKK


Professional morons, that is. On last night’s “Nightly Show,” host Larry Wilmore hit a new low when he actually questioned Ted Cruz’s — er, well — “manhood” saying, “Do you know how small your d*ck has to be for you to do something like that?” The “that” Wilmorewas referring to is an old video of […]