Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler battles wardrobe malfunction at #Grammys [pics]

, , , ,!/DaniKane03/status/427660996485083136 Many viewers of the #Grammys thought the fly of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler was open during his performance with Smokey Robinson:!/toddstarnes/status/427651779514621952!/Benn409/status/427653268701851648!/nancysobel/status/427651695611744256!/KeithKatsoulis/status/427652551333662720 Eventually the message got through and the “wardrobe malfunction” was taken care of:!/BlondeBlogger/status/427665397504954368 *** Related Twitchy #Grammys coverage: #WhatsUpWithThat: Grammys cut away from final music performance for a Delta […]


What’s Behind Our Obsession With “Too Many Cooks”

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Adult Swim’s surreal satire of sitcoms subverts our expectations of nostalgia. You might be able to go home, but it will never be the same.   Shots from Adult Swim’s “Too Many Cooks” — as the tone established descends into something dark and Lynchian. “Too Many Cooks” began as an Adult Swim parody that aired […]


This Pup Can Recognize The Difference Between Dogs And Humans On TV

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Some people say that dogs are dumb, but I don’t buy any of that nonsense. Having a few of these critters myself, I can tell you with certainty that the stunts they pull in order to sneak food is proof positive that they’re intelligent. Need more evidence than that? Well, this person’s dog can tell […]