‘Behead them in their own homes’: Akron man arrested for inciting violence

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A fatal plane crash that killed nine vaulted Akron, Ohio into the national news this week, but there’s another important story coming out of the Rubber City that deserves attention as well. A 25-year-old Akron man was arrested today on suspicion of posting threats to members of the military along with detailed personal information identifying […]


Puh-LEEZE! Guardian columnist tells singer Morrissey how to REALLY combat terrorism

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And now we are on the "love" stage of "do absolutely nothing" https://t.co/1PfRds7fW7 — Anthony Borzoino (@YouDontCountDog) May 25, 2017 Singer Morrissey’s response to the Manchester attack caused much anger and concern among the politically correct crowd: ICYMI ==> Singer Morrisseys response to #ManchesterBombing has PC heads exploding https://t.co/piGuRLAcNW — Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) May 24, […]


Most People Have No Idea What This Man Did During A Terrorist Attack Last Week

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Last week, the world was shaken by brutal acts of terrorism in Paris. Over the weekend, many of us gathered in support of those victims, sending prayers and love from across the globe. But sadly, that heartwarming outpouring of kindness has had one significant drawback: we have neglected to notice those who are also suffering […]


Eagles of Death Metal frontman has a POWERFUL message for gun-grabbers everywhere

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Well this was unexpected. Jesse Hughes, frontman for Eagles of Death Metal, slammed gun control measures in an interview yesterday saying, “until nobody has guns, everybody has to have them.” He also blamed France’s strict gun-control laws for the terror attack in November that left 130 dead and hundreds more wounded. More of his interview […]


Brace for facepalm! DeRay McKesson wonders if France terror raids could be ‘witch hunts’

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Authorities in France continue to root out other potential terror threats following Friday night’s attacks in Paris: Black Lives Matter protester DeRay McKesson brings his police skepticism to the situation in Paris following the terrorist attacks: Maybe he should just stick to community agitating domestically. Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/11/18/brace-for-facepalm-deray-mckesson-wonders-if-france-terror-raids-could-be-witch-hunts/


13 Terrorism Attacks That Were Successfully Stopped Before Tragedy Occurred

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Following the attacks in Beirut, Baghdad, and Paris, our newsfeeds were flooded with death tolls and prayers for survivors. We should all take the time to mourn those we’ve lost. But we can’t let our grief get the best of us. We must also remember how many lives are saved because of the quick thinking […]


Hey Obama, these arrested ISIS suspects posing as refugees don’t look like ‘widows and orphans’

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During a press conference in the Philippines yesterday, President Obama mocked Republicans who are opposed to allowing refugees into the U.S. without careful vetting first: The president has also scolded Republicans for “being scared of widows and orphans.” And of course Obama’s fans in the media have picked up on that: Widows and orphans? In […]