‘Full of morons’: DNC tries to politicize Thanksgiving, cries ‘unclw’ [pic]

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As we all know, liberals and Democrats have nothing better to do right now than tell us how to talk politics at Thanksgiving. Today’s target? Your nasty, old “Republican uncle”: They just can’t get enough of that crap. Pretty much. That’s OK. Maybe that’ll knock the Dems’ heads back on straight. Thanks, DNC, but we […]


18 Super Genius Holiday Life Hacks That’ll Make Decorating So Much Easier

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There is nothing I dread more than decorating for the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love the festive, cozy look, but the tangled lights, knotty garland, and crumpled tree limbs are enough to make anyone wish for spring. I know that I make it harder on myself by not storing things properly the year […]