OMG! Here Are The 11 Most Insane Things People Ever Found In Their Toilets. #1 Is Adorable… #10 Killed Me.

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You’ve heard the legends right? Things mysteriously popping out of toilets, but you’ve never seen proof. Well, I think our innocence is lost forever now… I seriously won’t be able to use the bathroom again the same way. 1. Let’s start easy. Would you be mad at this little possum? 2. Yo-Yo Ma and a […]


What These Guys Did At Walmart Will Have You Laughing So Hard — They Have No Shame!

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When you were a kid, did you ever break away from Mom and Dad at the store and try to make a new life for yourself behind clothing racks and shelves? Same. And that’s why what these grown men did at their local Walmart is so hilarious. When they walked in, they headed straight for […]


Super-Simple Life Hack That You’ll Use All The Time (Once You Know About It)

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Toilet bowls are, by their nature, full of nasty stuff. Not only do they house your body’s waste, they also are home to a ton of bacteria that’s dangerous to our health. The toilet is meant for dirty things to go in, but sometimes…they don’t stay in there. According to a study by scientists at […]