Instead Of Asking For Directions, These Truckers Made A Horrible Mess

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From the outside, being a truck driver might look easy, but it’s actually a pretty taxing job because of the long hours and the time spent away from the company of your fellow humans. One lesser-known challenge that truckers face is that they’re expected to know the ins and outs of every local road and […]


They Were Loading A Truck Onto A Barge When This Disastrous Moment Happened

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You know those days where you think everything is going well, but then chaos erupts? The driver of this semitruck can definitely tell you a thing or two about that. While attempting to back his truck onto a barge in Russia, he believed that things were going pretty smoothly — that is, until he hit […]


This Vintage Fire Truck Is Sitting In A Field For The Coolest Reason Ever

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Sitting in a field on the Inshriach Estate in the Scottish Highlands is a camper that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s actually a vintage fire truck from the 1960s, and what people do with it now brings “glamping” to a whole new level. Situated just a short distance from the Tomatin Distillery, this […]