This Company Made John Mayer His Own Cookie Dough Almond Butter Thanks To A Tweet

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If only all dreams came true this easily. 1. Late night, Dec. 19, 2014. Dreams begin. Cookie dough flavored almond butter let’s do it @Justins — JohnMayer (@John Mayer) 2. Justin’s, the almond butter company, did not take the singer’s remark lightly. View this image › 3. And two months later… 4. Mayer wrote […]


Drudge returns to Twitter; Observes ‘Superstorm Christie blows again’

, , , , ,!/redswhinez/status/526760146987651072 In May of this year, all tweets except one disappeared from Matt Drudge’s personal Twitter account. At some point, even that remaining tweet was deleted. Drudge is back to tweeting, at least for now, and drew this parallel to the week before the election in 2012 when Chris Christie praised President Obama for his […]


The 32 Best/Worst Brand Tweets About “The Dress”

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Welcome to the brandwagon. By now you’re probably aware of #TheDress and how it broke the internet and destroyed relationships worldwide, but now even brands are jumping on the bandwagon: 1. BJ’s tried to refocus on what’s important in life: Who cares if #TheDress is White & Gold or Black & Blue? This #pizookie is […]


Users trash Twitter’s new experimental timeline

Are you one of many who noticed something fishy on your Twitter timeline of late? If so, it’s not you, it’s them. Specifically, Twitter is experimenting with a timeline that’s propagated via an algorithm (like Facebook uses) rather than the normal process of a timeline in chronological order: And so far, users are not amused: […]


The Daily Beast posts looping GIF of fatal Chicago shooting

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Jason Van Dyke, a Chicago police officer, was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday over the shooting death of black teenLaquan McDonald. That news was enough to inflame the community, but it was quickly followed by dash cam video of the incident, showing Van Dyke shooting McDonald, who was carrying a knife, 16 times. Demand for […]


Press sec Josh Earnest tries to put out hooker scandal fire, burns self instead

, , ,!/exjon/status/520052878984364032 Oh, what a tangled and pathetic web they weave when they practice to deceive. Here’s White House press secretary Josh Earnest, hard at work on Twitter tonight, trying to spin the Washington Post’s exclusive on the administration’s cover-up and politicizing of the DHS Inspector General’s office to whitewash one of its aide’s involvement in […]


‘Throw up now or then?’ Bill Maher to take over HuffPo’s Twitter feed during SOTU

, , ,!/HuffPostPol/status/427841327489744897 Oh no? Speak for yourselves, HuffPo:!/erin_sheehan08/status/427842189675081729!/adelawagner1/status/427849741389410304 Seriously. That sounds like much more fun. *** Update: This tweeter makes a pretty good point:!/NumbersMuncher/status/427859158679814144 Heh. *** Update: Hmmm:!/OrwellForce/status/427860421274370049 That won’t be easy, but if anyone can do it, it’s Maher. *** Related: Twitchy coverage of Bill Maher Read more: