Love! Move over Perrying, Exjoning is ‘sweeping the nation’ [photos]

, , ,!/john_alvarado_1/status/503073107394166784 Why? As fans of Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel (@ExJon) know, this is his Twitter profile picture. And then this happened:!/JRoAZ/status/503077995708694528 Good question, but Twitter is now making up for lost time.!/FingersMalloy/status/502982254768189440 And so it begins …!/SuperAndrea/status/503199896946876417 No hair combing necessary. All that’s needed is a good dose of humor. Move over, #Perrying, […]


Magnitude-5.1 L.A.-area earthquake a boon for Twitter photographers … and comedians

, , , , ,!/ArianaGrande/status/449767209795977216 Yep, Southern California had “another eaAaaarrrthquake” late last night. There have been no fatalities or major injuries reported as yet, and hopefully that won’t change in the morning.  There were, however, lots of photos of quake damage posted to Twitter:!/llamalife/status/449857789217628162!/Ursgautham/status/449851936561299456!/twerkinluke/status/449845684057812992!/RickSforza/status/449776631528189954!/Nicky_Fagnano/status/449856201614843904 Then there were photos of “devastation” posted by jokers such as these:!/laura_nelson/status/449768012636119040!/mattnotis/status/449845741138096128 Read […]


Twitter’s reaction to World Cup broken down into three types

, ,!/World_Wide_Wob/status/477189142745337857 Even in the United States, Twitter’s top trending topics are dominated today by talk of the World Cup. Is it true that the trend is made of three types of people? If so, it looks like the people who hate people who pretend to like soccer are keeping things trending.!/meng_will/status/477204220190269440 Let’s check with […]


New York Times checks in on a more talkative Chelsea Clinton as her parents ‘take a political break’

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Another post on Chelsea Clinton? We apologize in advance, but we’re still not as bad as The Hill when it comes to saturation coverage of the only child of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and ResistancePresident Hillary Clinton, who, according to the New York Times, are “taking a political break.” Taking a political break that’s […]


‘100 retweets and I’ll shoot someone walking’: Man arrested for threat

, , ,!/JulieSone/status/444215261613146112 ABC Los Angeles reports that police have arrested a 20-year-old man who threatened to shoot a pedestrian if he received enough retweets.!/JulieSone/status/444226487881711616 Here’s the photo Mcanuff posted that led to his arrest. Twitter has since suspended his account, @StillDMC.!/JulieSone/status/444253681521672192!/jtrier1/status/444263769288749056 Read more:


‘Seinfeld’ star Wayne Knight killed off by Twitter death hoax

, , , ,!/SFCelebWatch/status/445249413728829440 Wayne Knight, best known for his role as Newman on “Seinfeld,” is not dead. But you wouldn’t know that from reading tweets Sunday morning.!/IgboPrinceKachi/status/445249316954046464!/TyrieBMTV/status/445248970218958848 Sheesh.!/krockjosh/status/445246620700274688!/MaxHeadblog/status/445247660434673664!/LookRight22/status/445248809535152128 No he’s not.!/crimsong19/status/445248267384012801 Knight confirmed that he is still among the living.!/iWayneKnight/status/445243474539839488!/zbruhn/status/445252417869733888!/Ognawk/status/445250575832461312 Yep. Read more:


Politwoops to return to Twitter

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Good news: Just in time for the elections, Twitter hasdecided to restore access to Politwoops, which archives politicians’ deleted tweets, in an effort to“bring more transparency to public dialogue.” “In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be working behind the scenes to get Politwoops up and running,” saidJenn Topper of the Sunlight Foundation.“Stay tuned for […]


These Spiders In Australia Are Getting Too Smart — Not Even Floods Can Stop Them

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Australia is a land of extremes. The continent is known for its deadly assortment of wildlife, but that’s not the only extreme thing about it. There’s also the weather. Recent floods in areas of Tasmania have caused unprecedented damage to residents’ homes and businesses. However, the extreme flooding has also caused wildlife — specifically spiders […]