White student unions multiplying on Facebook a hoax

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Around 30 Facebook pages for white student unions popped up online over the weekend, causing alarm and disgust among quite a few, regardless of the fact that the pages are very likely a hoax coordinated by the pranksters at 4Chan. ABC7 News hasn’t quite caught on yet, however. It is creating a lot of talk, […]


22 Reasons You Should Never Study Science

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Don’t waste your time. 1. Only nerds like science. View this image › headlikeanorange.tumblr.com 2. Because it’s really boring. View this image › youtube.com 3. Like reaalllyyyy boring. View this image › swingsetindecember.tumblr.com 4. Scientists don’t do anything except work. View this image › Kelly Oakes / BuzzFeed 5. They spend literally their whole lives […]